Located in the Gran Hotel Domine, our neighbour in front of the Guggenheim, this great restaurant offers seasonal cuisine with Basque roots and international touches.


The gastronomic restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum with a Michelin star.

Its chef, Josean Alija, is committed to a “style of free cuisine, linked to the roots of those dishes that are a part of our culture, adapted to a modern context”.


This superb traditional restaurant has the best seafood, cooked with traditional local recipes. It also has a great winery.

Specialists in fish and the fantastic Zapirain fish soup – the soup of a lifetime.


A typical local restaurant with premium raw ingredients, excellent fish and ribeye. The “Revuelto Markina” – a scrambled egg dish – is unforgettable…


This restaurant opened its doors almost 40 years ago and it is run now by the third generation. A classic in the city.


Under the leadership of its chef, Unai Campo, this restaurant specialises in fresh seasonal products (meat, fish, vegetables…) Its style is a fusion cuisine that combines seasonal Basque gastronomy with creative, novel ideas.


A great winery with more than 1000 domestic and international wine references.

The covered and open terrace is the perfect place to relax with a drink and enjoy unbeatable views.


A Bilbao classic with a special atmosphere in a delicatessen shop, founded in 1955, which later gave rise to the restaurant. A must for the egg croquettes and the ribeye.


Restaurant with 1 Michelin star, led by the famous chef, Daniel García. Their mission is to “discover new flavours and remember forgotten ones”.


In the Atxondo valley, away from the noisy world, following the ancient techniques using different types of firewood, this restaurant serves an innovative traditional cuisine that uses the magic of the embers to provide surprising possibilities, preserving the natural identity of the ingredients.


The Azurmendi restaurant is a leading example of the local Bizkaia cuisine, and the only one in the province to have 3 Michelin stars. A restaurant where sensations are multiplied, where every corner, detail and service reflects the personality and sustainable philosophy of Chef Eneko Atxa.

The Eneko restaurant is the new, cosy and modern prêt-à-porter, with a relaxed atmosphere and dishes full of flavour, technique and tradition, cooked live. A return to the origin.


Gastronomic restaurant with one Michelin star. A place where the customer can choose between eating at one of its six oval tables or at the bar in front of the kitchen.

Located on a pedestrian promenade next to the river, from its windows, you can admire the market La Ribera and the church of San Antón and its bridge.