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Getxo and fishing villages

Getxo is just 20 minutes from Bilbao, a beautiful residential area by the sea, with magnificent mansions from the early 20th century, the amazing Bizkaia Bridge (UNESCO World Heritage site) and the Old Port, a picturesque fishing port painted in bright colours.
Following the coast, we recommend visiting other fishing villages, such as Mundaka, BermeoElantxobe and Leikeito, with the finest quality fresh fish.


San Sebastian and the south of France

Together with Bilbao, San Sebastian has the most Michelin stars of any area outside France. A beautiful and elegant coastal town just an hour from Hotel Miró.
Crossing the border, don’t miss out on the majestic Biarritz, where you can enjoy a day of shopping and the beach. Nearby, you’ll find St. Jean de Luz, a bucolic and pleasant fishing village where you can enjoy a pleasant meal outdoors and a stroll through the harbour.


Discover the world of wine

We’re in a privileged position to get to know the fascinating world of wine in a region just an hour and fifteen minutes south of the Basque Country.
The proximity of Haro and Rioja Alavesa presents a wide range of possibilities for discovering some of the most important Designations of Origin in the world. There are several prestigious wineries offering guided tours or wine tastings.



Balenciaga Museum

Discover the Balenciaga Museum and its exhibitions of the work of Cristóbal Balenciaga, located in a small and beautiful seaside town and tourist attraction.
Don’t forget the food! Getaria is home to the vineyards where txakoli is made, a white wine with designation of origin from the region. It also has internationally renowned restaurants.



Rolls-Royce Collection

Don’t miss out on this exceptional Rolls-Royce collection, unique in Europe, with all models manufactured between 1910-1998.
Located in the middle of nature, just 30 km from Bilbao, the reconstructed medieval tower of Loizaga houses a select collection of antique, classic and sports cars.



Sand and Surf

The coast of the Basque Country is world famous for its beaches. So, bring your towel in the summer or your surfboard all year long.
Enjoy the waves in the famous town of Mundaka or stroll along the seashore in the sun. You’ll have no excuse to miss it, as some of the beaches are easily accessible by metro from Bilbao.