Prime Bilbao experience at The Miró Hotel • Hotel Miró | Official Website | By ELLE Ophelia

“… Earlier I took a holiday to Northern Spain with my best friends, and made a visit to Bilbao. I have heard so much about the city but never been. So we stayed at the Miró hotel for 2 nights, which is just across the road of where the world famous Guggenheim Museum locates. About 20 mins from the airport by car, 8 mins from the bus terminal, the hotel is close to almost everything in the city.

As one of the Design Hotels, I was expecting the hotel to be very stylish and chic, and it did not disappoint me. With a revamp project of the entire Bilbao city 3 years after Guggenheim Museum was opened, and inspired by the New York concept of boutique hotels, born during the 80 ́s and created by hotelier (and ex-owner of Studio 54) Ian Schrager, the Miró Hotel was built at one of the prime location to cater the needs of the city.”

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